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This fall, give your child an unforgettable adventure with our Rewilding courses. Designed for all nature enthusiasts, our programs teach essential survival skills and ancient wisdom through hands-on activities like foraging, fire making, and animal tracking. Guided by experienced instructors and set against the stunning autumn backdrop, your child will reconnect with nature and learn in a fun, engaging environment. Act now and take advantage of our limited-time sale! Spaces are limited, so sign up today to secure your spot and enjoy special pricing.
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In this course you'll learn about:


Learn to identify and sustainably harvest wild edibles like berries, nuts, mushrooms, and medicinal plants. Explore diverse habitats, understand the nutritional and medicinal properties of plants, and gain hands-on experience in safe and sustainable foraging. Foster a deep connection with nature. 


Reconnect with nature and develop essential survival skills. Learn ancient wisdom and sustainable practices. Foster a deep appreciation for the environment and nurtures a lifelong love for the outdoors.

Survival Skills

Master essential survival skills that form self-reliance and confidence in the great outdoors. Learn to make fire without matches, build shelter using natural materials, and purify water for safe drinking. Acquire navigation techniques using the sun and stars, as well as basic first aid skills for handling common wilderness injuries. Unlock practical skills to handle real-world challenges in nature.

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