Hunterdon County, NJ
👨‍👧‍👦  Ages: 6-12 yrs

ReWilding Courses
Mondays: 11a-1pm

Our ReWidling course will equip you with essential  lifelong skills Dive into fun classes with projects, quizzes, and tips from experienced foragers. Immerse yourself in the world of wilderness, connect with nature, and start your adventure now – the forest is your classroom! Enroll today!

  Course Details:

 Course Location:

Hunterdon, NJ
  Class Schedule:
Mondays, 11a-1p
Aug 26, 2024 -
Dec 19, 2024 
  Max Class Size:
20 (ages 6-12)
  Course Difficulty
Beginner (Level 2)
  Course Duration:
16 Weeks
32 Hours
 Price per Family:

$150/mo + $75/mo Sibling

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