Hybrid: Presencial - Online
 Adult Educators

Foraging for Educators (hybrid)

  • Format

    8 Total Sessions
    4 In-Nature Sessions
    4 Online Sessions
  • Course Dates:

    Mon & Thur: Sep 5 - Sep  26, 2024
    In-Nature: Mondays: 2-5pm EST
    Online: Thursdays, 7-830pm EST
  • Class size:

    8 Students
  • Level: 

About the Course:
Become a foraging expert by taking our Hybrid Online/In-Person Foraging Course! Learn to find, pick, and enjoy wild, tasty treats. Whether you're new to foraging or a seasoned explorer, this course equips you with essential skills. Dive into fun modules with videos, quizzes, and tips from experienced foragers. Immerse yourself in the world of wild foods, connect with nature, and start your adventure now – the forest is your classroom! Enroll today!
  Course Details:

 Course Location:

Harriman State Park, NY
  Class Schedule:
Sep 5, 2024 -
Sep 26, 2024 
  Max Class Size:
  Course Difficulty
  Course Duration:
4 Weeks
18 Hours

$250 / Course

Meet the instructor:

Max Gordon

LMSR Founder, Head Instructor
  • Graduated from the Maine Primitive Skills School’s Apprenticeship in 2018
  • Graduated from Sunbridge Institute in their WETE Program in 2024.
  • Working on a book regarding ethnobotany (foraging) throughout prehistory 
  • Visited the Amazonian Shiviar tribe in 2017 for a research project.
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