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Welcome to the LionMan School of ReWilding, where since 2018, we've been dedicated to nurturing nature literacy among thousands of children. Our unique approach measures their understanding through diverse criteria such as plant knowledge, local archaeology, and practical skills like spear-throwing. At our schools, nestled in the heart of wilderness(s), we impart ancestral survival skills rooted in the traditions of Homo sapiens. Emphasizing outdoor learning and embracing risk and freedom, we foster a dynamic environment for our students' growth. Looking ahead, our vision extends globally: we aspire to steward properties worldwide in collaboration with Indigenous communities, sharing languages, traditional knowledge, and ecosystem restoration practices. Our goal is to revive landscapes to their pre-1492 richness, echoing a harmonious coexistence with nature.

Our Mission
: At LionMan School of Rewilding, our mission is to foster a profound connection between individuals and the environment. We aim to equip our participants with essential survival skills, ecological knowledge, and a sense of community responsibility. By doing so, we hope to nurture confident, resilient, and environmentally conscious individuals who will carry these values throughout their lives.

What We Offer: Our programs are designed to teach practical skills that are often forgotten in today's modern world. These include:

  • Foraging Skills: Learn to identify and safely harvest edible plants and fungi.
  • Fire Making Techniques: Master the art of starting a fire using various traditional methods.
  • Animal Tracking: Develop the ability to track and understand wildlife through their signs and behaviors.
  • Wilderness Navigation: Gain proficiency in navigating through the wilderness using natural landmarks and traditional tools.

Our Approach: We believe that learning should be an adventure. Our hands-on approach ensures that participants are not just passive recipients of information but active explorers and learners. Our experienced instructors guide participants through each step, providing the support and knowledge they need to thrive in a natural setting.

Benefits of Rewilding: Rewilding offers numerous benefits beyond just survival skills. It boosts confidence, encourages teamwork, and instills a deep respect for the environment. Participants leave our programs with a greater sense of self-reliance, a stronger connection to the natural world, and a commitment to ecological stewardship.
For Parents: Parents can feel confident that their children are gaining invaluable life skills while fostering a deep connection with nature. Our programs are designed to enhance their confidence, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities, all while having fun and making new friends in a safe and supportive environment.
For Teachers: Teachers will find our programs to be an excellent supplement to their curriculum, offering practical, hands-on experiences that align with educational goals. Our courses can provide students with a deeper understanding of ecology, biology, and environmental science, making learning both engaging and impactful.
Join Us: Whether you are a parent looking to enrich your child's education, a teacher seeking to provide your students with unique learning experiences, or someone interested in becoming a master naturalist, LionMan School of Rewilding has something to offer you. Join us and embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and adventure.
For more information or to register for our upcoming programs, please contact us at 845-202-3499 or email admissions@lionmanrewilding.com.

 Reconnect with nature and rediscover yourself at LionMan School of Rewilding.
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